Dear friends,

As chairperson of the Blue Butterfly Foundation for Trauma & Abuse, I am writing to
enlist your support for our 2017 ANNUAL APPEAL.
The foundation was established to ensure that people who have suffered trauma and abuse receive the full treatment and support necessary to recover healthy functioning in their families and the community. The support from agencies such as Medicare is often not sufficient. The Blue Butterfly Foundation works with Gnadenfrei Counselling & Psychology to provide this essential treatment.


One of our generous supporters and local disability support worker, Steve M., gives
financially to the foundation.
“I see that it helps to create a better family atmosphere for parents and
children. When parents are helped to heal, the children’s lives are changed for
the better too. Cycles of pain and abuse are broken.”


There are many stories. This is one from Annie, a program recipient.
"When I first came to Gnadenfrei I was suffering from a traumatic stress
breakdown. Prior treatment had not helped me deal with the initial trauma or
helped me to develop strategies to recover. The understanding and help I was
given was the definitive turning point that gave my life back to me and put me
in control. Following 9 months of regular sessions I was off all medication and
able to begin a graded return to teaching full time."


If you would like to support the recovery of persons like Annie, you can:-
• donate on line through our website;
• complete the attached form, email or post to PO Box 32 Kallangur 4503
• support us by pledging an amount each month or a period of your choice.

Donations to Blue Butterfly Foundation are tax deductible.*
Thank you for your consideration of our appeal. With your generous support we can
continue to help many individuals and families in our community.
Lastly, I would invite you to read the letter of support below from Councillors Julie Greer and Denise Sims.
Thank you again
Graham Donges - Chairperson

You may light to donate regularly in the following way as you consider the costs of our healing programmes.
(a) $25 per fortnight for the meal bank
(b) $50 per fortnight for therapy for an abused child
(c) $100 for the 4 week Depression and Anxiety group programme
(d) $150 for 4 week Divorce/Separation Recovery Workshop
(e) $180 for the 5 week Becoming Better Blokes group programme
(f) $200 for the 10 week Grief and Loss programme
(g) $240 for the 8 week Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) group programme
(h) $260 for the 8 week ‘Circle of Security’ parenting programme
(i) $350 for the 12 week Freedom Road Group programme to help men beat sexual addiction
(j) $350 for the 8 week Eating for Health Cooking Course
(k) $500 for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Recovery Support

DONATE TO THE BLUE BUTTERFLY FOUNDATION. * Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible


Please copy and paste this template into a document and email to

or print and post to  Blue Butterfly Foundation PO Box 32 Kallangur Qld 4035.

Name on receipts (you may nominate business or company trading names)


Name of Donor _______________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Suburb ___________________________ State ____________ Postcode ________

Phone (w) _____________(mob) _____________Email(s)_____________________________________________

1. DIRECT DEBIT $_________ (all direct debits are processed on the third Thursday of each month)


BANK NAME _____________________ BRANCH __________________ BSB __ __ __ __ __ __
ACCOUNT NAME ______________________________ ACCOUNT NUMBER ___________________
A detailed Direct Debit Agreement will be sent to you prior to the first drawing.
I/We the undersigned request you, the Blue Butterfly Foundation, to arrange for funds to be debited from my/our nominated
account at the financial institution nominated above according to the schedule specified therein.


SIGNATURE(S) ____________________________________________________________________________
If debiting from a joint account, both signatures are required.
NAME ON CARD ____________________________________________________________
CARD NUMBER __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
EXPIRY DATE __ __ / __ __ SIGNATURE ________________________________________
3. CHEQUE $_________
Simply attach a cheque to this form and post to PO Box 32 Kallangur Q 4503
Please make cheques payable to the Blue Butterfly Foundation.
□ Please remind me/us of our pledge with a letter according to my frequency.


Your donation can be allocated to an area or areas of your choice from the list above.
□ $______ □ $______ □ $______ □ $______ □ $______