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2.1 To establish a Christ-centred care agency for the relief of suffering, distress, misfortune, and helplessness of people and to work proactively to enhance their Psychological, Emotional, Physical, Social and Spiritual well being, in the communities of Australia and the third world, without discrimination due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, political belief or marital status as outlined in clauses 2.2 to 2.5
2.2 To assist by all available means of the company those who have in the first instance experienced Psychological Trauma and Abuse and/or have suffered secondary traumatisation due to witnessing trauma/abuse or the suffering of a close family member. This group may include families and young people who are intellectually disabled.
a) Psychological Trauma is defined as ‘the experience of an overwhelming event in which the individual is helpless to protect or respond and which results in ongoing psychological distress and sequelae.’
b) Abuse is defined as ‘ the experience of Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual and any other kind of Abuse in which the individual has been subjected to behaviour that denies their personal freedom and causes them physical and or emotional harm with ongoing psychological sequelae.’
2.3 Assistance to be provided to those persons suffering from the above and identified as financially disadvantaged, as assessed via a means test.
2.3.1. Means test will examine current income, savings and assets held by applicant and funds available to provide treatment.
2.4 To provide early intervention to relieve the suffering, distress, misfortune and helplessness, in the case of those who have experienced Trauma and Abuse or secondary traumatisation as outlined in Clause 2.2 and are in need of assistance to recover their previous level of functioning and self-efficacy.
2.5 Assistance to be provided to Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families and Couples in the form of Treatment / Therapy, Resources, Support and Training as outlined in the clauses below.

2.6 To provide Therapy, Treatment programmes, Respite and Support to facilitate recovery with a view to assisting the afflicted in becoming well-adjusted people within their community.
2.6.1 Programme topics to include, but not limited to relationships, parenting, self-esteem, self-efficacy, personal development, abuse recovery, and addictions.
2.6.2 Support to include supported court attendance and or legal support when available, in situations where a resolution of legal issues in relation to the trauma or abuse suffered, is necessary for the individual to recover.
2.7 To establish facilities or centres to:
a) Administer a wide range of effective Psychological Counselling and Therapeutic Interventions for individuals and families in the client group and provide training opportunities.
b) Provide respite and residential programmes for the relief of individuals from the client group in a supported therapeutic environment.
c) Provide retreat opportunities for professionals working with the client group to provide places of refreshment and host programmes to avoid burnout.
2.8 To establish accommodation within the community to provide:
a) Supported accommodation during their recovery process, providing supervised care in a therapeutic environment and training in life skills.
b) Support on their return to the community to assist them in the establishment of support networks and their integration back into society.
c) Secure supportive accommodation for at-risk young intellectually disabled adults to enable them to live independently of their parents in a safe environment.
2.9 To provide short term subsidized accommodation for country, interstate and overseas persons in the client group attending group programmes or blocks of intensive therapy/treatment.
3.0      To provide for the training of professional workers and tertiary
students in the appropriate care and case management of persons
who have experienced trauma or abuse as per clause 2.2.
3.1   To develop suitable programmes for training and develop age-appropriate
therapeutic interventions that further assist and speed recovery in consultation with other agencies and service providers.
3.2   To provide for the professional supervision of students in the
Training programmes.
3.3  To provide such training for suitable professions in third world countries that do not have the expertise to assist sufferers in their local community.
3.4   To provide Education to the community concerning recovery from
Trauma and Abuse, helping them to better understand the recovery
process and the social supports that play a vital role in recovery.
3.5   To offer the company’s services to other organizations struggling
with assisting their clients within a reasonable time frame.
3.6   To foster and build relationships by linking and networking with
other charitable and community organisations in an effort to help
and assist by any benevolent or humanitarian act those
people in need.
3.7   To provide a central contact point where other agencies and organizations can refer clients to submit requests for funding.
3.8   To seek funding by way of gifts and donations, or tender submissions from available sources including but not limited to philanthropic organizations and the general public with a view to maintaining sufficient levels of funds to carry out the objects of the company.
3.8.1 To involve local communities in raising funds.
3.9   Any other benevolent, charitable or humanitarian act to help those
Suffering distress, misfortune and helplessness in need within the
Australian community.
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